Work/Life Balance – Can We Ever Get It Right?

The definition of work/life balance is having enough time for work and enough to have a life.

So, seeing as this is such a prevalent issue now that we’re all working longer and harder than ever, what are we doing to make sure we achieve this magical work/life balance that people keep harping on about and does it work? Let’s take a look…

5 tips that might help:

• Taking time off
• Scheduling
• Making a to-do list (and sticking to it)
• Exercising
• Learning to delegate / outsource

Of these, my personal favourite is making and keeping on top of lists. I have one list for everything and everything goes on it. If it’s not on the list it’s not getting done. But when I realised I was adding ‘having lunch’ and ‘getting dressed’ to my list, I had to giggle to myself then decided to remove all the nonsensical tasks from that point onwards. My love of ticking things off had clearly escalated and had to be controlled. Maybe I could get more time back by not including those things? There we go, a few minutes saved.

Now let’s move onto exercise. Isn’t that just more work? And where would someone who works sixteen hours a day find yet another hour a day to exercise??
Taking time off and scheduling can be rolled into one. Schedule your time off as if it’s business; job done. And if you’re in a position to delegate or outsource this will probably be the easiest way to achieve what you’re after. Imagine that.

So yes, with a bit of effort I believe we really can get it right but balance means different things to different people and for that reason not everything will work for everyone. Organisation, lists and routines are key for me but what will work for you?